Ollandseweg 165 Sint-Oedenrode. You drove from St. Oedenrode to Olland, then you came to a point along a dilapidated farm.

It was built in 1948 to a design by the architect August Breughel from St. Oedenrode. Owner was Charles Versantvoort and lived there until 1964. Subsequently, two unmarried sons lived on the farm for a few years. In 1966 the farm to the fam Beljaars, comes from Appelscha sold by the nine children Versantvoort.

The family lived there about a year until the family went out together and mrs. Beljaars with her children left. Mr. Beljaars continued to live only one more year on the farm. After that year, he left the farm and remained vacant for some time. Around 1970 people got it again: a young couple from St. Oedenrode that after they had found living in St. Oedenrode left again.

That was the fam of Tillaart from Olland fine, because they saw their own farm burning and found the Ollandseweg 165 fine shelter.
After their farm was rebuilt and a half years later, also departed this family again.
Their place was taken by students who are temporarily staying in the home and by Engelbert Fishermen from Groningen.
This man spent his working life at Circus Boltini and because the house was dilapidated through lack of maintenance, to live in, he took his caravan in the big barn, where he started a collection of anything and everything.

Hurled something anywhere around the "circus farmer" as he was called. Following complaints from the neighborhood, the municipality decided once to do around the farm and some excavations were found among others. A buried tractor.

He also bred on a small scale chickens and turkeys.
In 2001, the state of health of Engebert Vissers deteriorated so badly that he was forced to retire his caravan.
He died in 2004.
Since then, the farm is empty.
The sheds were already longer empty. Overgrown with greenery.

In 2005, buyers were found for the property, which unfortunately is in poor condition.

The location of the farm is perfect. Behind one looks out over the Dommel.
The future of the farm is uncertain. Plans are permission yet.

Thanks to Frans van Berkel and Joan of Gorinchem.

Ans Rooijakkers